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Whether you're new to God's Word or looking to read the entire Bible in a year, we have something for you.

Bible Study Teachers:

  • Myron Powell – 402-953-8670 – myrontpowell@gmail.com
  • Jackie Farris – 402-995-9341 – mykidzcoach@aol.com


A wealth of resources to complement Sunday's inspiration.


Our Sunday morning service where Bishop Powell challenges us on this topic.
Transforming a virtual force to
the spiritual level

Our vision is to connect people to God through worship, to others through fellowship, and to God's purpose through training. Our church continues to strive to fulfill our purpose and we are reaping the benefits of many people’s unselfish sacrifice. We are still a young church and we are believing God for great things. Glad you are apart of it! Let’s continue to make History!

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